“Volunteers” Redux

Back in January, I had serious doubts that the Pentagon could find 7,000 volunteers for the DC Occupation Force. And just a days later, they proved it when they had to call up 500 nonvolunteers.

Turns out it’s even better.

New Memo Shows National Guard Being Forced to Stay at U.S. Capitol, Despite a Lack of Resources
“Efforts to date have not secured enough volunteers among supporting states to meet the USCP request of 2,280 Soldiers, no Option B of 1000 soldiers,” the memo, written by Chief of the National Guard Bureau General Daniel Hokanson, states.

They can’t get 2,280 volunteers. From fifty states.

They can’t get 1,000 suckers for a “Plan B.”

Gee, I wonder why? Volunteer to sleep in a parking garage in the nation’s Capitol, eating either contaminated food or MREs (hell of a choice; though MREs have improved since the dessicated pork puck days)? Do that knowing that despite your security clearances, you’ll still be subjected to a lefty purity check; because, by default, the Dems don’t trust or respect you?

Shit, the congresscritters are lucky the Guardsmen haven’t just padlocked the gates and gone home.

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3 thoughts on ““Volunteers” Redux”

  1. Were these Guard Units ‘federalized’, or did the State Governors ‘volunteer’ them? I know that some States have already pulled their units Out.
    Nothing spells “Turd-World Shithole like Troops surrounding the Capitol during the Inauguration of the new “el Presidente”.
    Wonder how many of the ‘troops’ understand this.

    1. They were called up by the National Guard Bureau commander in DC, so that would be federalized.

      Also, this was interesting:
      According to a report, the National Guard Association Chairman and Arizona Adjunct General, Major General Michael McGuire, said, “This enduring requirement of having them around the city, I think it’s completely inappropriate at best, illegal at worst.”
      McGuire is the only adjunct general to deny National Guard deployment authorization to Washington, DC since January 9.


  2. Thanks.
    FWIW, I live West of the Swamp, but close enough to see the Sky Shine at Night. There has been a LOT of .Mil Air Transport going in & out of DCA (downtown Airport, Not Mil) over the last two Weeks. Mostly 130’s but a few C-17’s. always at Night. Both make a distinctive Sound, I don’t even have to go outside to Look.
    The Lie of (potential) ‘Attacks on the Capitol’ are wearing thin; I wonder when (or if) actual Desertions start to happen, i.e. someone calls a Uber and gets in right next to the Parking Garage they are based at.
    And the measures taken to Prevent the Troops from having Ammo tells that the bolsheviks CANNOT Trust them. I’m sure that’s not lost on these Deplorables from Flyoverland….

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