‘Tiz A Puzzlement

I was checking news this morning and saw this.

WTF, ABC? Let’s start with that map showing no state at less than 24% fully vaccinated. Makes you wonder how they derive 10% overall fully vaccinated. And yet the total number fully vaccinated is 107,346,533.

According to the US Census, the US population is currently 328,239,523. Maybe my calculator is broken, because 107,346,533 of 328,239,523 works out to 32.7%, not 10%. But wait…

Did you notice that little down arrow beside the 10%? Or the micro chart showing the number of fully vaccinated people declining? How in fuck can the total number of people vaccinated go down?

Vaccine doses administered per day could go down, but that’s not the label on that table: “Fully Vaccinated“.

There’s no contact info for whomever is maintaining that page, so I can’t ask them, “WTF?” Thusly, I cannot determine whether they are lying, confused, drug-addled, or insane. Or some combination of two or more. It’s ABC after all.

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