Breaking the YouTube algorithm?

This guy doesn’t like the way YouTube tracks you and makes recommendations for stuff he doesn’t actually want to see. Who does?

But sheesh…

  • Breaking the You Tube algorithm
    Now this is the time consuming part. While doing other things, like listening to a ball game, pull up the YouTube page and just start rejecting things. There are various functions to do this. The blanket “Do not recommend this channel” and the more focused ones proclaiming things to be scam, child abuse, disgusting, etc. Refresh and repeat.

There’s a much better way. Easier.

Don’t use a Google/YouTube account to begin with. That was his first mistake. Just having the account is bending over and spreading your butt cheeks and yelling, “Do me, bro!”

You wanted an account so you could follow channels you like (telling YT even more about yourself, so you have to “lie” about yourself later)? Browsers have this thing called bookmarks. Bookmark the channels you like. You can do this instead of following even if you were silly enough to open an account.

This forces YT to rely on cookies to track you. So use a browser that gives you better control of those damned cookies; I mostly use Brave. Going this route, YT can only track your preferences during that specific browser session of YT video watching.

Well, they’ll try tracking your IP address, too; but you’re almost certainly using dynamic IP assignment, so after 24 hours (with my service), you’ve got a new IP address that YT can’t associate with yesterday’s. If you really want to cover your IP, power cycle your network router to force it to grab a new IP before the usual expiration.

If playing IP games that way doesn’t suit you, use the Tor browser. It… mostly works last I tried, but sometimes the latency makes video streaming problematical. Or use a conventional VPN.

But for Ghu’s sake, start by losing the Google/YT account. If you must have one, don’t log the fuck in except when you’re doing that one thing that required an account. Then log out. Clear cookies and restart you browser session. Shoot, I bounce between browser (mostly because certain browser handle certain sites better than others).

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