An Explanation: They Panicked

The world is insane. Look around. CRT, transgenderism, election-fraud, riots, and mostly peaceful not-riot destruction… All this since around mid-Trump administration, prosecutor that don’t prosecute, judges that don’t convict, jails that don’t jail (sometimes because they need room to jail the non-criminals), censorship and not-censorship silencing, disease cases that aren’t cases, and vaccines that aren’t vaccines. How did the country go so insane so fast?

I’ll point fingers. (Sorry, this is sorta conspiracy land, just once). It’s perfectly obvious that for a long time closet-communist socialists want power. Look how public schools became public indoctrination centers, and you can see what and how they worked. Politically, whatever party label they wear is just a matter of convenience, though they most often register as Democrats.

These communist/socialists (it’s the same thing; socialism is only supposed to be a transition from capitalism to communism) either forgot or never grasped a key point. I’ll get to that.

I was never a Trump supporter, but I could hardly miss how popular he became, if only for some people because he at least wasn’t really part on the entrenched en-stenched mass swamp creature. The communists/socialists saw it, too.

And they responded by panicking. They feared that if Trump won again, and the Democrats, with whom they have a tendency to identify lost, in that backlash they lose their last chance at power. Suddenly, they had a deadline by wich to achieve their goals. They abandoned their decades-long incrementalism — boiling the frog slowly — and rushed everything at once.

Now they really face a potential backlash; one I fear could involve extensive casting of lead ballots.

I’ll now “circle back” to the key point they missed:

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are not independent. L. Neil Smith called them the Boot On Your Neck Party (note the use of the singular). Others call it the Uniparty. If they aren’t monolithis, then they are at the very least incestuously interdependent, live in an eternal (Bog, I hope not) 69.

Dims seek power. They tend to use “social justice” pseudo-thinking to get through social bribery and restrictions on rights they don’t like.

Repugnantcans do the same thing for “law and order” and “big business.”

Reps gave us CALEA and the (un)PATRIOT(ic) Act.

Dims decried both as spying, but once back in power happily used those convenient abilities to spy on the “right” people.

Reps claim to like the Second Amendment, but it was Republican Trump who enabled the most victim-disarming gun control in decades, by having his ATF redefine “machinegun” and “trigger.”

Dims were really happy to grab that precedent and run with it. Just ask Rare Breed Triggers.

Dims screwed the nation with Obamacare.

Reps took control of the White House, Senate, and House by campaigning on “repeal Obamacare.” They didn’t.

All the current two-party clusterfuck does is give the gullible the — false — belief that they can “vote the bastards out.” Well, you can’t; to ensure that, both “parties” restrict “third” (second) party ballot access.

As I said, the communists/socialists never knew or forgot this. So when they feared losing the chance, they panicked. They pushed for everything right now. The 2020 election was another symptom of that.

And that push was a serious mistake. All things cannot come at once. There was one goal they had to achieve before the rest should be turned from simmer to high heat. They needed the population communications isolated from one another.

Or more accurately they needed the population to stop talking face to face, and only suing controlled social media. They needed to control the message. They needed people to trust social media. All that was in-process.

But they panicked. All things now. Including the social media censorship. Instead of sneaking up with the censorship, they went whole hog, and clamped down. Facebbok killed entire groups, Twitter made specifica ideas officially, formally, and publicly forbidden. All this when then were and are other options for people to interact beyond that control.

I was permanently suspended from Twitter for citing state law and evidence that indicated Kyle Rittenhouse acted in lawful self defense. But I had, and have, other options that give me the ability reach more people than Twitter did. I use them.

The communists/socialists may well achieve complete control of the elections, of Big Tech social media. They might control state legislatures, the House, the Senate, the White House.

That might control how several million now-angry people appear to vote. But they don’t control the lead votes. That’s — pun intended — one more gun they jumped. They should have waited until they had victim-disarmament perfected before losing their freaking minds. Disarmed people are at a disadvantage no matter how pissed. When we’re still armed…

Every day can become Roof-Top Election Day. Bullets are harder to censor than Twitter opinions.

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3 thoughts on “An Explanation: They Panicked”

  1. There is no longer a need to separate socialists/communists conceptually. Mike V. was oft want to provide the quote: “Socialists are merely patient communists.” Your thesis is essentially correct, insofar as they have an 18 month window of absolute power, so there is no longer any need to be patient. They are also not fearful at all, similar to any run of the mill sociopath who has no fear of anything. If they weren’t so secular and narcissistic they’d probably strap on suicide vests for their cult. They are forcing Nan and Chuckie to move 5 sigma to the left of the -2.5 sigma “abnormal” anchor, and they are fine with that because there are trillions to be made for the Mandarins by hoaxes upon hoaxes fed to the obligatory mouthbreathing base. What’s to be fearful of? They have both chambers, a drooling installed rubber stamper, the so-called judicial branch who finds no standing in anything at all, Maoist social media barons, gaslighting print and tweet media, and the entire psychotic intelligence community children running the whole clownshow behind the wire taps and stolen emails. Thus, they are purebred Maoists/Communists/Marxists. Just choose one and you’ll be always be correct from now on.

  2. As they have been saying over at Western Rifle Shooters, “You can’t vote your way out of Clownworld.”

    I would say I’m too old for this, but with that defeatist attitude, I won’t get to vote.

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