Medical Scam?

may or may not have another medical bill.

This month, I got a couple of text messages from a company I’d never heard telling me to pay a mystery bill online. I took them to be scam attempts.

But today, I received a paper bill from the same outfit. The only indication it might be legit is that it references my stay at UF Health, which — since I’ve blogged it — is hardly a secret. And what they’re billoing for


That’s allegedly treatment to get me to stop smoking. Never happened. Once a nurse overheard me talking to my roommate, and cigarettes were mentioned. She asked if I wanted a nicotine patch, which I declined.


That’s pretty damned vague. To me, “initial” implies something from the beginning of my hospital stay. But I was admitted 10-30-21.

Yeah, I called this company to see what the hell this is. Which is where I got the “explanation” of the BEHAV CHNG” charge. The “CARE” charge was explained away as “everything” the doctor did.

Which brings to the next issue. “Michelle” told initially that this bill was for physician services. I asked who the physician was.

Sao F. Po.

Never heard of him/her/it. Certainly wasn’t my doctor (Shaner, quite competent, and billed through UF Health; I’ve paid for her work — thanks y’all. I really appreciated that.). I thought I’d look up ol’ Doc Po.

Nothing. Nada. The only hit I got on that name is this Cambodian website. Nor is he listed on the UF Health staff directory.

“Doctor Po” is supposedly with Cogent Healthcare of Jacksonville. Guess who is not on their staff directory.

The next question I asked “Michelle” was why, if this is for services performed on November 2, 2021, I received my first “bill” in late February, 2022?


The company actually billing me — allegedly on Cogent/Po’s behalf — is “Sound Physicians.” My, my; don’t they have an interesting BBB record


I recently created an Experian account and reviewed all my debt. I have several unauthorized charges from Sound inpatient physician totaling over $6,000. I never received any services from the company and believe this is fraud and identity theft

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Hmm… that sounds awfully familiar.

So… a weirdly vague “bill” from a shady company on behalf of a “doctor” who doesn’t seem to exist.

Suppsedly “Sound Physicians” is going to send me a “detailed bill” so I can see what is actually covered.

Added: OK, I’ve contacted UF Health. If they tell me they know nothing about this, my next steps are complaints to the US (interstate wire fraud, text messages), Georgia, and Florida Attorneys General; and USPS Postal Inspector (mail).

Added, 2: I found another website for Cogent. This one has a listing for Dr. Saw Po, MD, and affiliated with UF Health. So maybe. But it’s not the spelling “Michelle” at Sound Physicians gave me. Could SP be stealing Dr. Po’s identity, and couldn’t get the spelling right?

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  1. Bill Phishing goes in Chiquitastan as the Frankfurt School Long March to corrupt the West so bad that it stinks is complete.
    McHealthcarez is fundamentally transformed Long March territory chock full of Marxist U campouts just waiting to build the glorious workers utopia after the purging of kulak untermenschen scum.
    Letting insurance get its snout under the health tent was a big mistake but not to the comrades.
    Avoid the needle, pill, scalpel abattoirs if at all possible and the New Delhi billing department is easily baffled with some fake accents or a grumpy old curmudgeon letting loose with some choice expletives.

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