Good Bye, Earl

Actor Fred Ward, of ‘Tremors,’ ‘The Right Stuff’ Fame, Dies at 79
Fred Ward, a veteran actor who brought a gruff tenderness to tough-guy roles in such films as “The Right Stuff,” “The Player” and “Tremors,” has died. He was 79.

I saw him, and liked his work, in a lot of films. But he will forever be Earl Bassett, Graboid Hunter to me.

Yeah, corny as that franchise is, I’m a big fan.

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3 thoughts on “Good Bye, Earl”

      1. Joel Grey had some classic lines….

        -Chiun: It would be better for you to eat this can than what is inside of it. Why must everything in this country be coated with monositi… monosoti…

        – Remo Williams: Monosodium glutamate. You can’t even say it.

        – Chiun: I can say “rat droppings”. That does not mean I want to eat them.

        —Oh – and the wrist thing…does work once in a while….

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