Oh, look; another new Orwellian Newspeak word.

New to me anyway: Neurodiverse.

Found because of this:

Art center for artists with neurodiversity opens in San Marco
Three Jacksonville therapists are breaking down barriers for people who are neurodiverse.

Indigo Art Therapy is a space for working through issues via art, but therapist Devon Schlegel found that there was a forgotten group of artists that needed their help in a different way.

“Just because someone shows a desire to create art… and they have some type of disability, that’s doesn’t mean they need art therapy,” Schlegel said. “They might not need help processing anything. They might not need help working through trauma, but they have shown that they have an artistic vision and they have a voice.”

For the wise, who don’t wish to wade through all that BS, “neurodiverse” simply means “fucking crazy;” folks who should not be lose on the street, but got “mainstreamed” thanks to a stupid movie. And now we’re to stop thinking of them as mentally ill at all, but merely “diverse,” to be accepted.

I think I’ve heard this somewhere before.

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