A Recap

Twenty-one months into the ChinCOVID “pandemic,” let’s recap the official guidance.

1. Masks don’t work (partially true)
2. N95 masks work, but cloth/procedure/dust masks don’t (true, as applies to the wearer of the mask)
3. All masks work (false; only N95-type)
4. Masks protect other people, so mask up or kill grandma. (false)

Social Distancing
1. The virus spreads in droplets, so keep 6 feet apart so the droplets fall to the ground (false; all respiratory viruses primarily spread by aerosols)
2. The virus spreads by aerosols, so keep 12 feet apart (false; aerosols spread indefinitely)
3. Back to 6 feet (huh?)

1. Avoid everyone, stay inside your home (no; you quarantine the infected, not the healthy)
2. It’s OK to go outside if you distance and mask (looks up at previous entries)
3. Curfew! because the virus only spreads during specified hours (and apparently wears tiny nano-scale wristwatches)

1. Separate everyone with plastic desk and counter dividers (see “aerosols”)
2. Barriers disrupt air flow and make infection more likely (true)

Case Definition
1. Case is symptomatic infection (was always the definition)
2. For ChinCOVID only “case” includes asymptomatic infection, as tested with a PCR test at as much as Ct =40+
3. Case is any suspected infection, even with a negative test (my head hurts)
4. Only a case if detected with a PCR Ct of 20 or fewer, but only if the person was “vaccinated; non-vaxxed can still be tested to Ct=40+ (because science)

1. Died of COVID-19
2. Died with SARS-CoV-2 detected, even if the cause of death was gunshot wound to tnhe head, or surgical complications (dafuq?)
3. Died of something but coulda had COVID, but we didn’t test
4. Died before anyone knew of COVID, but apparently the embalmed body was dug up and PCR tested months later, to the family’s surprise

1. A small sample of a pathogen which the immune system detects and produces antibodies against (yep)
2. A medication that does not have a pathogen sample, but causes the body to produce pathogens (nope)

1. Received the jab
2. Received the jab or 2 jabs, depending on “vaccine”, and waited two weeks
2. Received the previous jabs and a booster jab

Novel Coronavirus
1. A new virus, previously undetected, with unique genome and spike proteins.
2. I have no frickin’ idea anymore.

Bad Vaccine
1. Trump distributed it

Good Vaccine
1. Biden distributed the exact same “bad vaccines”

Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve
1. Two weeks
2. A year and a half
2. Four years

Infection Fatality Rate
Deaths divided by total cases. OK, this definition didn’t change. The CDC merely discovered what I and others have been pointing out all along: there are far more “asymptomatic cases” than they recognized. The CDC now href=”https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/cdc-admits-covid-lethality-rate-overstated-twice-many-americans-covid-previously-thought/”>claims twice as many</a< as previously recognized. Other researchers say — remember we’re talkig about the new “asymptomatic case” defintiion — ten times as many. Which means the real “IFR” is only half to one-tenth of the official numbers.

To put that in perspective, in Georgia, my age group officially has an IFR of .0.0384, or 3.84%. The reality is 0.0192 (1.92%) to 0.00384 (0.384%). Be afraid.

Orwell was an optimist.

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