Uncertified Voting Machines? No Shit.

While The Gateway Pundit is sorta presenting as news, even there it isn’t. They just went more in depth.

EXCLUSIVE: Based on a Thorough Review of Election Regulations, Not a Single Voting System Testing Lab Used in the 2020 Election Was Accredited Based on the Law (Part I)
Per a thorough review of election regulations, not a single election voting machine in the 2020 Election was certified by an accredited voting machine company according to US law.

The issue of whether US voting machines and voting machine auditors were properly accredited leading up to and after the 2020 Election has been previously addressed by The Gateway Pundit. We first addressed this issue when the Maricopa County leadership only wanted a ‘certified auditor’ to perform an audit of their operations after the 2020 Election in Arizona. The County selected two firms and TGP pointed out that the two firms selected were not properly certified at the time they were claimed to be by Maricopa officials. Only hours after our report, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) suspiciously certified the two firms we identified.

Yep. I pointed out this problem in Georgia all the way back in January… 2021, when GA Secretary of Scum Raffensperger lied about it.

I like this bit TGP dug up.

The EAC includes in the 2021 accreditation documents wording as follows “Accreditation remains effective until revoked by a vote of the EAC pursuant to 52 U.S.C 20917(c)(2).” This is added apparently to claim that these labs that were out of compliance never lost their accreditation but this is not the case.

That’s complete bullshit. 1) If accredition is eternal, unless specifically revoked (wish driver licenses worked that way), why did EAC renew accreditation in 1/27/2021?

2. If accreditation is eternal, unless specifically revoked, why did the EAC in that very accreditation letter say: “A grant of accreditation is valid for a period not to exceed two years. A VSTL’s accreditation expires on the date annotated on the Certificate of Accreditation”?

I’d have a little more confidence in the elections systems if they followed their own fucking rules, and didn’t lie about it.

But they did try to cover their asses on the previous expiration.

Due to the outstanding circumstances posed by COVID-19, the renewal process for EAC laboratories has been delayed for an extended period. While this process continues, Pro V&V retains its EAC VSTL accreditation.

Nope. The previous accreditation expired in 2017 If you can count above two (that seems to exclude most fed bureaucrats and politicians), then you might notice that accreditation expired better than two years before ChinCOVID was a thing. And since the paerwork for renewal should have started before expiration, it’s closer to three years that they blew off keeping their accreditation current.

Why should I vote this fall? The same bad actors are still in place.

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