Despite yesterday’s warning, I got an immediate blacklist customer. He/she/it will not be back, short of discovering logic and earning its way back into my good graces.

I was about to issue a second warning to this individual when another of his comments hit the moderation queue. Suffice to say, it annoyed me.

They aren’t MY theories.

Show how they are lacking, therefore false.

This… person presented alleged facts without substantiation. He now demands that I prove them wrong.

1. He could as well have posted a theory that fairies create daffodils. His supporting “evidence” could have been that daffodils are red (yes, I know; wait). He specifically doesn’t provide video or other documentation of either fairies, or daffodils being created by fairies. At best, that is circular logic.

2. But as it happens, I already falsified some of his “supporting evidence” in the “Uvalde shooting is a hoax and no one died” theory. I noted that I’ve already seen pictures and video which his “source” claims doesn’t exist. I noted that his “source” got a basic fact about daffodils being red the school’s name is Cobb elementary wrong.

Please take it elsewehere. Perhaps your own blog; there are many free platforms available, none of which I have to read.


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