TZP Column: Jackson-Lee and Automatic Weapons

Texas Congresscritter Sheila Jackson-Lee is generally good for entertaining stupidity, and this is no exception.

Jackson Lee: There Was ‘Seismic Increase of Carnage Across America Using Automatic Weapons’ after Assault Weapons Ban Expired
Jackson Lee said, “I have committed, over the years, having introduced bills dealing with the ban on assault weapons post-2004, as you well know, Ayman, that’s when it ended. And we saw the seismic increase of carnage across America using automatic weapons. And in the instance of Buffalo and the instance of Uvalde, having gone there on Sunday, meeting with and just listening to the sheer desperation of families and children. That was an AR-15 as well.”

I’m sure even the most casual TZP reader caught the main problem, but let me take this a point at a time.

I’ll start with that skyrocketing use of “automatic weapons, known legally as machineguns. Happily for us, TZP tracks machinegun use, so the data I want is readily available.

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