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<Your status in Hell is determined by the size of the honor guard you bring along.


Normally, I check news first thing in the morning. After yesterday though…

I got up today and decided to hold off. After a couple cups of coffee, I gave it a shot.

Bans, suspensions, deplatforming, delisting. Everywhere Big Tech is eliminating channels for anyone they find insufficiently obedient.

In the mainstream media, it’s all cheers; “Yippee! We’ve silenced those bad Trumpsters!” Whether they were actually Trump supporters or not. Hint: You can oppose election fraud, socialism, and Pantifa/BLM without supporting Trump.

But yeah. they’re silencing people. And they’ve fucking stupid enough to think that’s good. You took our elections. You took our courts. Now you’re taking — you think — our voices.

What’s that leave? Did you truly believe (speaking of the Left, I can’t say “think”) that only left capitulation?

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