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Not a column, but an observation about my columns over there. I happened to notice something a few minutes ago..

I’ve been writing for The Zelman Partisans for nearly seven years.* My, how time flies. And I’ve managed to scribble over six hundred columns (just there; never mind other outlets I’ve written for during this period). It looks like I’m averaging two TZP columns per week.

Man, I wish I were paid by the word.

* Just make things interesting, I’m also the site administrator for TZP. And site designer.


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2 thoughts on “TZP Columns”

  1. And to this I say and pray that G-d blesses you so very richly for it. We really are blessed beyond measure to have someone of your “caliber”
    I’ve appreciated you more than I’ve said. Not just your writing, but when I’ve had a couple of challenges.

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