Maricopa Strikes… Wait. What?

It looks bad, but read closely what the county claimed to be doing.

Maricopa County Election Judge Is Threatened by Supervisors After Speaking Out About Tabulation Errors – Ballots Counted Is Based on Check-Ins NOT Scanning and Reading Through Tabulator
Maricopa County recently admitted in a new statement that 70 out of 223 or over 30% of voting centers were impacted by this election day debacle after previously claiming that only about 20% were affected.
Voters were told to deposit their ballots into “box 3” or “door 3” to be tabulated at the Elections Department in downtown Phoneix later. The County claims that only 17,000 votes were affected and dropped in “box 3.”
The County had set up a website to give voters the ability to check that their vote was counted. The problem is Michele has proven that the website isn’t correct and seems to be using a voter’s “check in” as evidence their vote was tabulated rather than the actual tabulation of the vote. Michele offered her first-hand proof of this.
About an hour after I arrived home at 9 pm MT, my roommate checked the website to see if his vote had been counted. The website reported it was. It is mathematically impossible for his vote to have been counted by then since only an hour before, I left the center, and the ballots had not been taken from the center to the meeting point where the ballots are hand exchanged to another transport team, which takes them to the tabulation center. For his ballot to have been counted, it would have also needed to be sorted and hand-counted by a team at that center and reported into the website —all within that hour.

The fact that this seems to indicate that they’re faking ballot count numbers is bad enough. But the very alleged online system to check if your ballot — “anonymously” dropped in a box for later tabulation — has been counted means…

That your individual ballot, supposedly with no name or other identifying info, actually can be tied to you specifically.

If Maricopa really has a system to check when individual voters’ ballots are finally tabulated, then that means they have a record of not just whether you voted, but exactly who and what you voted for.

So much for secret ballots.


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