TZP Column: Thanksgiving Talking Points From The White House

Every family has “that one uncle.” You know the one: they guy who stupidly thinks the Constitution means what it says, and if it needs reinterpretation/changing, there’s an amendment process for that. The guy who stubbornly insists on arguing on the basis of objective fact.

Yeah, in my family everyone knows that’s me. Even though I think I show incredible restraint at Thanksgiving. For example, the time they say me next to the guy claiming to “work with” the ATF — -eyeroll- — who had to “correct” me on facts about the Boston Bombing… by contradicting evidence the feds presented at trial.

You won’t have to deal with me, but I’m sure you have your own uncle. Not to fear, though; the White House graciously provided some talking points you can use to keep us in line.
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