Hunter Biden Wants The Feds To Investigate His Laptop

Specifically, his poorly-chosen lawyer has formally admitted that the laptop was Biden’s, and want the feds to investigate the “Unauthorized Access, Copying andDissemination of Mr. Biden’s Personal Information.”

Mr. Mac Isaac has admitted to repeatedly accessing Mr. Biden’s personal data. In his recently- published book, Mr. Mac Isaac admitted to opening and reviewing the content of Mr. Biden’s files on April 13, 2019 (one day after Mr. Mac Isaac has claimed Mr. Biden came to his computer repair shop carrying three laptops and left one of them behind for work).

Yep. He admitted doing exactly what the coke-fiend hired him to do. If you hire someone to copy your computer data, by definition he’ll be accessing it.

April 13, 2019. Remember that date.

But after making contact with Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello, in the summer of 2020, Mr. Mac Isaac broke his silence. In October 2020 (a month before the presidential election), Mr. Mac Isaac, who is vision impaired, initially claimed that he could not positively identify the person who in April 2019 left three…

It doesn’t matter if he could positively identify him. That lawyer says that the laptop was left with Mac Isaac for over a year.

Mac Isaac notes that Biden signed a repair contract with an abandoned property clause that said the laptop would be forfeited to Mac Isaac if unclaimed after 90 days. I think that’s enforceable, but it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Delaware Code Title 25, § 4001 and § 4002 are pretty clear.

§ 4001. Definition of abandoned personal property.
(a) For the purposes of this chapter “abandoned personal property” shall be deemed to be tangible personal property which the rightful owner has left in the care or custody of another person and has failed to maintain, pay for the storage of, exercise dominion or control over, and has failed to otherwise assert or declare the ownership rights to the tangible personal property for a period of 1 year.

More than a year; definitely abandoned. And what happens then?

§ 4002. Right and title to abandoned personal property.
Notwithstanding any other provision of the Delaware Code to the contrary, including § 1157 of Title 12, upon order of the court as provided in this chapter, any person who holds, stores, safekeeps or otherwise is left with possession of any abandoned personal property, including automobiles, motorcycles, boats and furnishings, which has been abandoned by the owner as defined in § 4001 of this title, shall be vested with complete and absolute title to said abandoned personal property and shall have all right to sell, alienate, gift or otherwise dispose of the said abandoned personal property provided such transfer does not violate preliminary injunctions in effect pursuant to § 1509(a)(1) of Title 13.

All the ambulance-chaser’s claims about unauthorized sharing after that are moot. By his own timeline, the laptop and contents were — by contract and state law — Mac Isaac’s to do with whatever he wanted.

You’d think a lawyer with a fancy international law firm would, who is talking about abandoned property would bother to look up abandoned property law. It only took me about 30 seconds to find the relevant state law.

Added: To make any case of unauthorized access, this idiot lawyer Lowell would have to claim that 1) the laptop wasn’t brought in by Biden and 2) whoever did bring it in was not authorized to do so (and he should show that Mac Isaac should have known that person was not authorized).

Oddly enough, the letter doesn’t say the laptop was stolen by someone who turned it over to Mac Isaac. Is there a police report of such a theft?

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