The Post Millenial seems to be suggesting that the Nashville police failed to respond to a warning about the Covenant asshole.

Nashville trans shooter sent DMs to friend announcing plans for ‘something bad,’ suicide—police did not respond to friend’s call for help
The report notes that Patton apparently called the Nashville Davidson County Sheriff’s Office at 10:13 am, making them aware of the situation. She was subsequently told to call Nashville’s non-emergency number.

The problem with that suggestion is this:

10:13 a.m.: Nashville Police receive a call of an active shooter inside Covenant School.

By the time Patton made her first call, for a nonemergency, the shooting had already started. The police were already being dispatched to that emergency call. By some reports, they were at the school in two minutes. By all accounts the chumbucket was dead by 10:27.

Patton’s nonemergency call wouldn’t have made a difference, other than possibly helping the police ID the shooter after she was dead.

Barring further data, it looks to me like the Nashville police responded pretty damned fast, did not hesitate to go in and confront the killer — Hey, Uvalde PD; are you taking notes? — and stopped her. All in less than 14 minutes from 911 getting the shooter call.


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2 thoughts on “Finger-Pointing?”

  1. Yes, the cops did actually do the job they are paid to do this time. But this incident also serves as a reminder that when seconds matter the cops are minutes away.

    1. I do not disagree. More specifically, I do agree. I hope that those who know who I am also understand that I’ve advocated and written for decades on the importance of people being armed for defense because the cops can’t get there in time to save you.

      But in this case, I thought the police should be recognized for getting there fast — and from the bodycam videos, I think several of them were off-duty, or some may have willingly blown blown undercover identities — to save children’s lives.

      If teachers had been armed, maybe no child would have died… but less than 14 minutes from 911 call to shooter down ain’t bad since they did have to get there. These cops didn’t wait more than an hour out of fear… and listen to children dying.

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