The Democrats are [*******] terrified.

The Dems know perfectly well that their little commie agenda isn’t going over well with Americans.

Lockdowns, wide open borders, destroy the police, gun control, more gun control, even more gun control

They ignored a year of left-wing riots (except when they were encouraging them). But a few hundred people show up at the Capitol and don’t much more than break some windows, and the Dems freak: Concrete barricades, 12 foot fences, mile of razor wire. The Capitol police — just the Capitol, mind you; not DC police department — have over 2,000 officers. They want to bump that up by another 10%. We have troops garrisoning the Capitol. They want to make that permanent.

The Democrats are scared. You might think that sane people would look around, realize that it’s their own actions that they believe will cause America to rise up with pitchforks, torches, guns, and nooses and take them out, and wonder, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Nope. They know their agenda is unpopular, and they don’t care. They are consolidating their power. The hell with the peasants.

They think they can neuter the police and register, license, and ban guns. Not sure how that’s going to work. Who’s going to be left to kick in doors, arrest the noncompliant, and confiscate property? (And those millions of first-time gun buyers didn’t buy them just to have something to turn in.) I suspect the plan is to use the military; that would explain why the first thing they had the Pentagon do after the inauguration was stand down and purge conservatives and Constitutionalists. They think that will leave them a military force who happily jackboot their way across the country.

In my admittedly out-dated experience, that purge is actually going to leave them with the least competent and effective personnel.

Those open borders? David Codrea has long noted that Dems like that because those illegals overwhelming lean Democrat; so once they’re here, and the Dems let them vote… Dems can steal office in the country. I used to think that, too. But now my thinking has changed.

2020 demonstrated that the Dems do not need those future voters. They can manipulate the elections already. And their HR 1 – For Fuck the People Act will codify their system of fraud. So why are they importing illegals now?

Nah. It isn’t cultural terraforming. It’s cultural replacement. Current Americans don’t really want to live in a banana republic, with intermittent “green” power. We’ll just have to go. And be replaced with folks already used to that shit, who’ll be quiet so long as the Dems hand out enough bread.

The Dems are consolidating power towards that end… but they’re — some, at least — smart enough to know there will be strong… objections. Hence Fort Pelosi, and Secret Service protective detail (complete with those armored SUVs) for… Democrats. Not for Republicans. The Dems know who any early lunatics will be gunning for.

Sadly, as the Dems tighten the jaws on their Constitution-cracker, some nuts will crack. I’ve made a private prediction about the next several months. I’m not going to document it here because I do not want to give any mentally ill fringe freaks additional ideas. But expect it to be bad, and for the Dems to cry, “See? We told you,” and push back even harder.

Hunting season has been declared.By the Dems, and that’s why they’re hiding behind their walls and fences.

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4 thoughts on “The Democrats are [*******] terrified.”

  1. Frightened, Cornered Animals are always Dangerous. You are right about “How do they expect to neuter the po-Lice and turn the .Mil into a trannyfag paradise, and then “Maintain Control” of les Deplorables?”
    My guess is, based on the Last Gasps of the Roman Empire, hiring of (Foreign) Mercenaries to be a Praetorian Guard for the ‘swamp’ and its environs.

    1. I figure Blue Helmets are more likely than outright mercs. Foreign mercs would be briefly amusing, as would most Peacekeepers. If they used China’s PLA, that would be a bit rougher.

      1. I’ve seen speculation that Mercs, particularly eastern European, would be put in Blue Helmets. IMO, the use of “Security Contractors” is the most likely path the commies would use- they are the ‘mercenaries’ that already are serving the empire in its Occupations in North Africa. Have you read “Absolved” by the late Mike Vanderbough? He lays out a very Credible way that “PMC’s” could be brought in to “Aid” federal ‘law enforcement’. And how it would go Bad.
        Chinamart Troops, sent on those Huge Container Ships, is a very Plausible scenario, too. That would take a higher level of Treason by the .Mil than we have seen, but Never say Never….
        Good Luck to you and yours in this (un)Civil War.

      2. All the world loves foreign occupation forces. Should this happen the world “progressive” will be used as a curse for generations in all parts of the world.

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