“Assault rifles”

I was struck by the lack of identification of the weapons used by the Indy FedEx shooter, by any official source, other than “assault rifles.” News reports cite the ATF as the source of the acquisition info, so I went to them for for more details.

  1. What is the make and model of each assault rifle?
  2. Which was purchased on what date?
  3. How was it established that these were select-fire rifles?

Astonishingly, less than two hours later on a Sunday I got a response (if you’ve ever tried communicating with the ATF, you probably realize how amazing that is). Not that it helped much.

Please direct your inquiry to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Here is their email: IMPD.PublicAffairs@indy.gov .

I asked the ATF, because they’re the ones who told the press. But whatever. I sent the same questions to IMPD.

I got a response in three minutes. Not much of one, though.

None of this information is being released at this time.

I find that somewhat odd, since the sole alleged shooter is already dead and they’ve already traced the firearms. And they’ve already said they are assault rifles (yeah, right; select-fire; sure). What could be the big secret?

I asked to be sent any press releases on the subject that they may issue in the future. We’ll see.

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