Spaceport Camden Is A Corrupt Graft Scam

If you hadn’t figured that out already, I present definitive proof.

DoD officials wanted to know if an analysis had been done for buildings at Kings Bay that may house large ordnance. The base maintains and stores nuclear ballistic missiles that are carried aboard Ohio-class submarines deployed from Kings Bay.

The probability of a rocket malfunction turning toward Kings Bay, combined with a failure of the autonomous termination system, has not been considered, consultants said.

The possibility of a rocket going off-course towards a nearby (@ 5 miles) military base with nuclear weapons

“has not been considered”!!!

They’ve been trying this for years. They’ve spent over $9 million.

And I’m to believe they never “considered” the question that I and others have been asking for at least six years?

The Navy forced us to close our dinky little general aviation airport (contributing to a suicide), but they never considered potential impacts on a nuclear base?

If this was for real, if it was anything but a scam to steal taxpayer money, that would have been the very first thing they would have checked. They would have figured that out before spending another penny, much less $9,278,164 (and counting).

It’s well past time for county commissioners and Howard to go to prison.


Consider that.

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