V for Vendetta

Who has seen V for Vendetta?

Who recalls how Norsefile and Sutler created their police state? Something about a pandemic…

Fuck you, Biden.

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One thought on “V for Vendetta”

  1. The best scene is where V has Evie locked up in the mock jail and she could just walk out at any time.
    He had to break her to build her back up and did her a solid by making her hard and strong although there was some physical and psychological torture involved.
    The COV-LARP is eerily similar as the scared sheep bleat out save me mommygov from a vapor or a mist with a 99% survival rate for those who are not morbidly obese or similar in age to Xhou Bai Den.
    BTW-why are there not piles of animal carcasses or deceased homeless people everywhere during the dastardly Black Death redux?

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