If you’re not the enemy, then stop acting like one.

VIDEO: Surgeon general: ‘Our enemy is the virus. It is not one another’
“But what we cannot allow, George, is for this pandemic to turn us on each other. Our enemy is the virus. It is not one another, Murthy told Stephanopoulos.

The pandemic didn’t turn us against one another. You — an irrational administration acting with dictatorial high-handedness — did that.

“And what we have to do is approach this next phase of the pandemic response, recognizing we’ve got to listen to each other before we rush to judgment and we’ve got to support one another in our decision making and during times of crisis.”

Listen to each other? My ass. You not only don’t listen, you use governmental power to get leftstream media and tech companies to silence us.

We’ve listened to you lie. Repeatedly. Serially contradicting yourselves. Try listening to this:

    • If ChinCOVID is so deadly, why did you have to change the definition of “case” (but only for COVID, no other disease) from “symptomatic” to “healthy people testing positive with PCR testing so overly sensitive that a nasal swab sample could be a virus the person had just breathed in”?
    • If COVID is so lethal to everyone, why is the IFR for my age group — 60-69; where the threat does start increasing) a mere 0.0388, with most of those having multiple co-morbidities?
    • If your “vaccine” is so great, why did you have to change the definition of “vaccine” (but only for COVID, not other real vaccines) from “confers immunity” to “gives some protection against the worst symptoms”?
    • If masks are so great, explain the science of how a mask that passes four micron smoke particles magically blocks sub-micron aerosols and virus?
    • If the voluntary ’76 swine flu vaccine was withdrawn after a few dozen cases of associated Guillain-Barre Syndrome, why are you mandating the COVID pseudo-vax after hundreds of cases of G-BS, 100,000s of other adverse reactions, and thousands of associated deaths?f you’re all so smart, why do you all sound like moronic liars?

OK, now I’m ready to listen to you… answer those questions.

No, I’m not ready to listen to you psychopathic tyrants give me more unconstitutional orders.

A “vaccine” so safe and effective that medical professionals across the country prefer to lose their jobs rather than get jabbed.

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One thought on “If you’re not the enemy, then stop acting like one.”

  1. They can’t even admit where the dastardly Black Death 2.0 (sarc) originated, under orders from their paymasters.
    These commie cretins don’t fool anyone, not even themselves.
    End of the line for smoke and mirrors along with crack pipe dreams of world conquering magnificence under the rainbow flag.

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