[UPDATED] Interesting Fact About Voter Registration for The Run-Offs

See update below.

Raffensperger set the wrong date.

GA Code § 21-2-224:

(b) If any person whose name is not on the list of registered electors maintained by the Secretary of State under this article desires to vote at any special primary or special election, such person shall make application as provided in this article no later than either the close of business on the fifth day after the date of the call for the special primary or special election, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays of this state or the close of business on the fifth Monday prior to the date of the special primary or special election or, if such Monday is a legal holiday, by the close of business on the following business day, whichever is later; except that:

The exceptions are special elections held in conjunction with a general election, and or if it’s one whose date is set in § 21-2-540.

But in § 21-2-540, we find:

(3) The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to:
(B) Special primaries or special elections to fill vacancies in federal or state public offices.

I see two ways to view the run-off:

1. The run-off is merely a continuation of the general senates election from November 3. (see update below) If that’s the case, the the deadline to register was October 5. No one else need apply and vote in the run-off next month. Or…

2. The run-off is a new, standalone special election, and the deadline was five business days after the run-off was announced. I don’t recall the date it was officially announced, but no later than November 20. That put the registration deadline no later than November 27. (see update below)

But SOS Raffensperger set the deadline on December 7. That fucking idiot used the § 21-2-224(a) general election registration rule.

Once again, that scumbag violated state law to give Dems more time to ship in people and register.

Added, 12/19: Doh! I got so wrapped up in Georgia Code that I neglected the Georgia Constitution. Article II, Section II, Paragraph II:

Paragraph II. Run-off election. A run-off election shall be a continuation of the general election and only persons who were entitled to vote in the general election shall be entitled to vote therein; and only those votes cast for the persons designated for the runoff shall be counted in the tabulation and canvass of the votes cast.

That seems pretty damned clear.

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