Bills, Bills, Bills

I had a medical appointment earlier this month. Since I’m paying out of pocket — thanks to my readers’ generosity — I checked rates up front before setting the appointment.

I was given a fixed rate to be seen. When I showed up, I paid it.

Well, now. It turns out the “fixed rate” was actually just to walk in the door. I just received another bill for being seen. Hundreds of bucks more.

Looks like false advertising to me. But I’ll pay this one. And I canceled my follow up appointment for next week, which also means I don’t get my blood test results.

On the bright side, I’ve been checking my blood sugar twice daily. It looks like the high readings I’d seen were flukes. I’m right in the normal range, even after a large burger, huge order of fries, and birthday cake (special circumstances: niece’s birthday).

I’m still watching carbs, but I think that’s going to be OK for now. Blood pressure is another matter, but I think surprise bills are worse for that than anything else.

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3 thoughts on “Bills, Bills, Bills”

  1. Haven’t went since the start of the COV-LARP and won’t be going back anytime soon.
    Before getting off all insulin and meds I would test after eating various foods and was surprised by what caused sugar spikes.
    A White Castle hamburger (Sliders) sent it through the roof and that was the last of that.
    Sugar is hidden everywhere with various names and there is usually a second level of sugar on the ingredients label.
    The doctor called it “aggressive” lifestyle changes as the diet was purged of almost all carbs and every label and ingredient checked.
    Watch the starch and bananas and potatoes are carb-o-rama.
    Surprising KETO foods: red meat, dark chocolate, buffalo wings, pork rinds, whipped cream for coffee or with berries in a small portion.

  2. I’ve tried some particular foods and testing. Oddly enough, potatoes, rice, and popcorn don’t spike much.

    I’m a southern boy, so pork rinds are already one of my snacks by choice.

    Damned sugar is everywhere, and I’ve always tried to avoid the prepared foods with “hidden” sugar. (The burger last night was a surprise- what idiot thought a bison burger should be served with jelly on it beats me. Not a taste that works for me. Or my sister.)

  3. I don’t think it should be too hard to get the results of your tests. Your medical records belong to you. My doctor sends results by US mail if I like. Maybe just call and ask for them to be sent. Or, I can simply check the online records. Did the office tell you you could sign up for online viewing of records, appointment making, prescription requests and/or renewal, viewing of lab results? Even if you went through urgent care, I think you should be able to get your test results upon request.

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