Funny how stuff happens. I’ll leave names out of this to protect folks privacy.

The other day, I got an email from a reader at The Zelman Partisans. He was concerned about a another frequent commenter, whom we hadn’t heard from for a while. I admit, that being involved in a few sites, I hadn’t noticed. But I sent that person an email to see if they were OK.

Happily, aside from the usual BS that life throws at all of us, and maybe a bit more, our missing person is all right. I passed that on.

Then this morning, while reading yet another blog, I saw that that author had also missed our MIA, and asked for him to drop him a line. Having just heard from the subject, I was able to give a generic, nonprivacy-busting assurance.

Amusingly, the person I first heard from via TZP is a semiregular correspondent of some years. But this one time, his email had a never before used sig line.

Which I finally recognized as another person I’m acquainted with from various other forums. Somehow I’d never made the connection.

The Internet can be a much smaller world than you might think.


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