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I deal with reporters on occasion. They rarely strike me as being very bright. So, just for the heck of it, a bit ago I decided to do a web search on “average IQ by profession.”

It took a while to find any list that even included reporters, but eventually I found this one. It doesn’t cite any sources, so take it with a grain of salt.*

Bearing in mind that 100 is the average…

Newspaper Reporter: 94.6

On the one hand “below average” is very credible. On the other hand, 94.6 seems a bit high.

“Publication editor” does slightly better at 101.7. That definitely strikes me as too high. Especially for those billing themselves as “web” or “digital” editors.

Personally, I generally test at 135 or above. You can understand why I get a little impatient with reporters who have trouble grasping that AR-pattern rifles are not “automatic weapons,” that “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t apply when you’re trapped on the ground, or ballistic vests don’t generally weigh 150 pounds. That 40 point communication gap is such fun to bridge.

Semi-Related: 100 is average. By definition, half the population is below average in intelligence. That does much to explain election results even without cheating, and certainly explains the Democrat party.

* Particularly when you see that “234.1” IQ for surgeons.


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