Wednesday, December 37, 2020

Called it.

There were several reports of Dominion machines breaking down in heavily Republican precincts where the voters were told the elections officials will scan their ballots later.

And in one county, even that wasn’t an option. Would-be voters were not allowed to vote at all, but were told to come later. Tough shit if they can’t come back.

Poll observers in Fulton County on Tuesday were being blocked by barriers.

In violation of not only the law, but a specific-to-this-case consent decree.

Single individuals were scanning and adjudicating ballots without Republican observers at the World Congress Center.


Votes were being removed from Republican candidates live on air.

Thousands of votes at a time.

Several Democrat precincts just stopped counting last night as the Republican candidates pulled ahead.

Called that one, too. Stop, wait to see how many more Dem ballots you need to counter Rep ballots elsewhere, then “find” them.

Scandal-plagued DeKalb County had to rescan advance ballots in Georgia’s senate race because of a “memory card issue.”


I also noticed that precincts reporting abruptly dropped from 79% to 76%. That would be precincts noticing Perdue’s numbers and realizing they needed to “find” some more Dem ballots; so they call in and say, “Oops, we aren’t finished after all.” In an honest election, once a precinct has declared they’ve finished, they stay finished. If they “find” more ballots, too bad; wait for an honest Secretary of State (which Georgia does not have) to call for a recount.

“New year,” same ol’ shit.

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