“Hilarity Ensues”

CNN went to Wyoming to ask voters about support for Liz Cheney. It went about as well as you’d expect, if you’ve spent much time in Wyoming.

CNN Travels to Foreign Land of Wyoming to Ask Voters if They Support Wicked Liz Cheney – Stunned by Replies (VIDEO)
CNN recently traveled to that strange faraway land of Wyoming to ask voters about wicked Liz Cheney.

They were stunned by the answers.

First person questioned, an older woman; my age or older:

CNN: Are you planning to vote for Liz Cheney?

Woman: Can I cuss? Hell, no!

It went downhill from there.


For CNN this was acutally good reporting.

First, they went to Cheyenne, which does have a higher percentage of liberals than outside the city, and spoke to folks that, by their accents, are real Wyomingites. I would have expected them to go to Jackson, and interview a bunch of rich, socialist California transplants, and pass that off as representative of the views of the state. The CNN reporter admitted that almost everyone they spoke to opposed Cheney.

Second, they actually ran the story despite not getting the expected We love Liz answers. They didn’t kill it (yet, I guess). But that reporter and the editor that ran the piece will probably be looking for new jobs by Monday.


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