So Now Brownies — The Little Girls, That Is — Are Racist

Or something.

Girl Guides of Canada to rename ‘Brownies’ claiming label has caused ‘personal harm’ to people of colour
On Tuesday, Girl Guides of Canada announced that it would be renaming the “Brownies,” a label given to their seven to eight-year-olds members, claiming it had caused “personal harm” to people of colour.

The organization suggested it was “an important and necessary step to creating an inclusive and equitable space where every racialized girl in Canada feels like they belong and are welcomed in Guiding.”

Oh, dear. Apparently “brownie” refers to brown people of color or something. And Bog forbid we associate people of color with helpfulness. “Brownie” could possibly derive from the Scottis Gaelic br├╣naidh.

And what heck does “racialized girl” mean? Is that a Canuck term for “people of color” now? Does it mean that if you aren’t aa POC, you aren’t any race?


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