Why No Mention Of Criminal Charges?


State Troopers head issues apology to Colony High School principal
Col. James Cockrell, commissioner of the Alaska Department of Public Safety, said he has personally apologized to Colony High Principal Mary Fulp after troopers took her in for a mental health evaluation without her consent last Wednesday evening while the incident was livestreamed on her Facebook page.

Cockrell said troopers believed there was a court order requiring them to do so, but the Alaska Court System has since confirmed that no such order was ever issued.

Believed, but not enough to bother checking. Because…

“Several hours later we received a 911 call from our dispatch center from the family members saying they had a signed court order to transport her to Mat-Su Regional,” Cockrell said. “Two troopers went there … contacted her, looked at the document, believed that it was a valid document signed by a magistrate or judge, and transported her.”

Cockrell said the troopers acted in good faith and trusted the family that the document was legitimate, however, he said troopers failed to do their duties.

So these “loving” family members, seemingly unable to convince a judge that there was a real issue, forged a court order? That ceertainly sounds like a violation of AS 11.46.510, which appears to be a Class C felony. That’s good for up to five years and $50,000.

“All five of Mary’s siblings love her and care deeply about her. They have acted together, forthrightly and in good faith, during a difficult time. Their sole concern has been and remains their sister’s well-being. To respect Mary, they have no further comment at present.”

On advice of counsel, I’m sure, so the idiots won’t further incriminate themselves while the lawyers try to arrange a plea deal.

The civil suit against the State Troopers should be fun to watch, too.

Hat tip to David Codrea.

Added: It’s worth noting that court orders have to be prepared in fairly precise formats. And those formats vary by state and even judicial district. You don’t just go to a generic “prepare your will” legal website and grab an equally generic court order boilerplate. Someone knew exactly how to prepare a court order that would look legitimate to cops who see a lot of court orders. That screams “lawyer.”

If I were to guess… A lawyer may have drafted a proposed order to present to a judge, but the judge rejected it for lack of cause. So maybe then they just gave the cops the rejected work. If so, that adds a felony conspiracy charges.

Then judges get cranky about people filing bogus court orders over their names.


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