These are the sort of people producing ChinCOVID “vaccines.”

A reader sent me a link to An oral history of Oxford/AstraZeneca: ‘Making a vaccine in a year is like landing a human on the moon’. That article is a little troubling.

“They soon identified the disease as being caused by a novel coronavirus.”


“I remember thinking very early on that this was probably another influenza strain.”

No. It’s a coronavirus, not an influenza virus.

“We knew before the genome came that it was a new coronavirus”

Good. Glad you figured that out. But…

“They take the DNA sequence of the coronavirus spike protein from the Chinese lab”

That’s a neat trick. coronaviruses are RNA viruses. They don’t have DNA.

Just so you know, the Astrazeneca pseudo-vax is a genetically engineered adenovirus. They spliced in a new sequeonce to code for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

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