I think the nursing profession is about to implode.


I’m not going to bother with a bunch of links; if your news feeds look anything like mine, you’ll see it.

A Texas hospital (in Dallas, I think) threatened to fire anyone who would not get a ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccination. Administration smugly thought everyone would just roll over. They didn’t. 150 nurses gone, who refused the unapproved, genetically modified experimental drugs.

Nursing home and nurses associations in several states are getting scared of losing large percentages of nurses as state mandates come down. I saw one nursing home rep say that they’ve already had to reduce available beds, and dear closing altogether. And then where are hospitals going to put ChinCOVID patients the hospitals are trying to discharge from ICU?

Now the Biden Administration is mandating that any nursing home that wants to keep getting federal CMS money has to mandate pseudo-vaccination for all their staff. That’s really scaring them, because that’s possibly the majority of the income for these places.

That’s all background. You might think mandatatorians could see that their policies are only making things worse, reverse themselves, and all the nurses (and EMTs, and paramedics, and …) will come back; prob solved. I don’t think so.

I know nurses. I know how fed up a whole lot already are with incompetent administrations, over-work, and ridiculous mandates, lack of supplies and support. I won’t go so far as to make a solid prediction, but…

I’m not going to be at all surprised if a large percentage of these healthcare professionals decide they’ve had enough BS, and leave the profession altogether. Permanently. A retired nurse (RN) just agreed with me, for what it’s worth. She hasn’t gotten a ChinCOVID pseudo-vax either.

But that’s only the surface problem, still. A rational person might stop and wonder…

Why would all these experienced healthcare professionals rather lose their jobs than get an unapproved, experimental, genetically modified drug? Could it have anything to with the insanely record-setting number of reported associated adverse reactions and deaths? What do the pros know that we don’t?

Nah. They’d rather listen to whatever Fauxci’s conflicting lie of the week may be.

And never consider that Fauxci himself declined the Pfizer pseudo-vax, or that nearly half of FDA and CDC employees have refused any of the pseudo-vaccines.

They can’t possibly know anything you don’t.

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