[Update] ChinCOVID Complilation

Vin Suprynowicz has an excellent compilation of ChinCOVID reports. It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for all your COVID data needs.

Two items in particular caught my eye. One, I knew about, but Vin’s link had more details. While VAERS reports around 16,000 pseudo-vax related deaths, someone at CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) leaked another dataset. CMS shows over 48,000 deaths within 14 days of getting the jab. And reportedly 25% of the people who received Remdesivir therapy died.

The other bit was new to me. A person went to his long-time doctor because his employer mandated the pseudo-vax. The doctor already had long baseline blood work on the patient, so he decided to do more tests after the man received each jab, with special attention to immune function. The doctor did a video with the details of what he found, but YouTube already pulled it. Hopefully it’ll go up on another outlet like Rumble, because I want to confirm what the write-up said.

Added: The video is now on Rumble. (Thanks, Vin.)

Reportedly, post-vax, the man demonstrated a profund drop in leukocyes, meaning he’s now immunocompromised. This might explain why so many pseudo-vaxxed people are getting sick.

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