OSHA’s Insane Pseudo-Vax Mandate Is Official

The rule/emergency temporary standard is HERE. I recommend commenting on it. My own comment, kvm-hl07-1qtk, reads as follows:

You are mandating that employees choose between employment and “vaccination.” I put “vaccination” in parentheses because the CDC currently has TWO differing definitions of “vaccine.”

The long standing definition is a substance that directly confers immunity.

For COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 ALONE, the goverment has adopted a second definition of a substance that MAY confer some protection against the worst symptoms, but prevents neither infection, transmission, nor illness.

The COVID-19 pseudo-vaccines seems pointless.

Additionally, the currently available COVID-19 “vaccines” has been associated with the highest rate of adverse effects (including DEATH) of any vaccine in recorded history.

The COVID-19 pseudo-vaccines seem dangerous.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, no APPROVED adult form COVID-19 “vaccine” is available. The approved vaccine, Pfizer’s Comirnaty, has not shipped. Because of the legal differences between EUA and approved vaccines, a person who accepts an EUA jab instead waiting for the unavailable Comirnaty has little effective recourse is seeking compensation from the manufacturer, in the event of an adverse effect.

This places the employer at full liability for any adverse effects experienced in a association with an inoculation with an EUA medication WHICH IS ONLY AUTHORIZED ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS, with complete informed consent.

Your emergency temporary standard is insane, and will go far to completing the economic collapse of the nation.

Please note that my objections are not based on wild conspiracy sites, or “alternate” medicine claims. They ARE based on data provided by Pfizer, FDA, The CDC, and OSHA themselves.

Commenting on a rule already in effect may seem pointless, but it’s to put them on notice that we are know what they’ve done and continue to watch.

If I can comment in my current pained condition, so can you.


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