I wonder just how far Moderna thinks its liability immunity extends.

Denmark and Norway advise against the Moderna pseudo-vaccine for those under 18. Myocarditis and pericarditis, i.e., heart inflammation.

Sweden and Finland suspended Moderna for those under 30. Myocarditis and pericarditis.

Iceland just suspended Moderna completely. Myocarditis and pericarditis. Plus, it wasn’t working. 88% of their over-12 population vaccinated, and cases are still surging.

I’m not sure how other countries are dealing with liability (I understand Pfizer includes lawsuit liability as a purchase contract condition), but in the US they’re essentially immune to pseudo-vax lawsuit. But at this rate…

I wonder if they think they’re immune to bullets fired by irate survivors and family members.

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ChinCOVID Pseudo-Vax and Myocarditis; My Bad

A few days ago, I wrote about the scary fact that there is a 1 in a thousand chance of myocarditis from the Pfizer pseudo-vax jab. I stand corrected. That stat came from an FDA panel hearing, and I thought they were specifically referring to the Pfizer crap.

This morning, I found the paper that I believe is the source of the 1:1,000 statistic. It’s a Canadian study, and it isn’t just the Pfizer jab. The 1:1,000 is an average of both Pfizer and Moderna. Worse yet, the incidence in Moderna recipients victims was three times higher than in Pfizer jabees.

So when I said we may be needing 10,000 spare hearts for transplants in the next few years? Forget that.

As of 9/21/2021, Reuters reports that 212,255,202 Americans have received at least one dose of one of the vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna make up the bulk of those. At the 1:1,000 ratio, we may actually need 212,255 spare hearts.

Yes, 212,255.

So… Sorry. My misunderstanding caused me to underestimate the potential need for transplant material by a freaking order of magnitude. Times two.

Looking at ChinCOVID fatality rates for my age group (and bearing in mind that unlike the majority od deaths I’m not obese, diabetic, hypertensive, etc.), and that post-jab myocarditis cases are 79% male…

I’m at a far greater risk of death from the jab than I am from the disease that I haven’t gotten during 21 months of plandemic.

And that’s just myocarditis, never mind all the other adverse effects.

If you attempt to “vaccinate” me with that shit, I will offer you a gun violence vaccination. Two doses to the chest, and a booster shot to the head.

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Turns out there may be something to that whole magnets on injection sites fad.

A few months ago, people were doing photos and videos claiming that strong magnets would stick to ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccine injection sites. Seemed silly to me, but some of the videos did look legit. Quite odd.

But now Spain-bottled Moderna pseudo-vaccines have been pulled for contamination. Apparently metallic contamination.

NHK, in a report published late on Thursday, cited health ministry sources as saying the contaminant was believed to be a particle that reacted to magnets and was therefore suspected to be a metal. Moderna has described it as “particulate matter” that did not pose a safety or efficacy issue.

That health ministry folks even thought of testing vials with magnets tells me that someone knew the “magnetic vaccine” effect was real.

I’ll make a WAG that somewhere on the production line(s) is a pump with bad bearings.

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[Updated 2] About that Pfizer mRNA ChinCOVID vaccine

(see update below)

…and why I won’t take it. Or the Moderna version.

Last month, I gave my reasoning, but it was in a private, members-only forum. But I think my comments should be preserved for public posterity.

I’m leery of being an early recipient of a newly developed viral protein coat vaccine, because sometime flaws occur when they scale up production from testing to inoculating a nation. But this…

Instead of injecting a known quantity of a known protein to stimulate an immune response, this tricks the body’s cells into mass producing the proteins. How much? Who knows. It’ll vary widely from individual to individual. Delayed –for days or weeks — anaphylactic shock is a possibility. And that’s if the vaccine is right.

If something bad happens with the nucleotides, that vaccine could potentially tell your body to produce an outright toxic protein. I suspect one of the things the manufacturers like is that this is probably “manufactured” through PCR. They are going to have to be damned careful to avoid any contaminant, any stray RNA, because if the slightest bit of a potentially lethally coding strand gets in there, PCR will happily amplify that, along with the vaccine.

To clarify further: Conventional vaccines like the seasonal flu vaccines use the protein coat of the virus, but without the interior RNA that makes a virus work. So a known amount of a foreign protein is injected, and the body’s immune system sees the protein, recognizes it as foreign, and produces antibodies against that protein. So when/if the actual virus shows up, your body already knows how to recognize it and produce the proper antibodies. And the immune system stores the memory of the antibody for future use, which is why, if you had the smallpox vaccination as a kid, you’re still good to go years later.

The Pfizer/Moderna vaccines don’t use the protein coat. They use messenger RNA. mRNA is the mechanism inside the cell that transfers information from the DNA — about what protein to build — to the ribosomes, which are the “protein factories.”

The mRNA vaccines are custom-built mRNA pre-programmed for viral coat proteins. It enters cells and “hijacks” the ribosomes to trick your body into producing foreign proteins that look like the viral coat. So instead of introducing a known quantity of a foreign protein into the body, the body will start manufacturing foreign proteins in mass quantity.

Allergic reactions are the body reacting to foreign proteins. Anaphylactic shock — potentially deadly if untreated — is the body over-reacting to foreign proteins, or to large quantities of such.

Moving from test trials to mass inoculation, I fear we’ll see a lot of variation in individuals regarding how much proteins are produced. I’m not going to be a bit surprised if we don’t see some people going into anaphylactic shock days — maybe even weeks — after being vaccinated.

Another potential issue is protein coding errors. It would be real shame if you got your shot late in the day when the vaccine — which has to be shipped in dry ice so as to not degrade — has warmed up, and it turned out the degradation caused the mRNA to start coding errors and producing a lethal protein.

YMMV, but I think mRNA vaccines needed a lot more testing before going to mass human use. It’s a neat idea in theory, but I’m not sure enough that it’s ready for primetime to take it.

Added, 12/9: Well, well.

People who suffer ‘significant’ allergic reactions told not to take new Covid-19 vaccine
UK regulators have issued a warning that people who have a history of “significant” allergic reactions should not currently receive the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

The warning comes after two NHS staff members who received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine suffered an allergic reaction, the NHS in England has confirmed.

Added, 12/17: And now that vaccination just started in the US…

It begins.

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